December 19, 2011

27-100, rue des Partances

Okay, so I cheated on this one: I put the heels on just for the pictures. I'm wearing slippers right now. Moccasins slippers. BUT, if I had worn this outfit to school, I would have worn the heels, so it's not really cheating... haha. 

I spent the day cleaning up my room in sweatpants and a tee, but since it's my youngest sister's birthday and my dad is visiting us, I couldn't stay in my dirty clothes. I was still in a sweatpants mood after showering, so I grabbed a loose dress and a big cardigan. Voilà, lazy & polished outfit.

Cardigan: SWS // Dress: Streetwear Society // Tights: Simons
Shoes: Payless // Necklace: Ardène

I really, really like those shoes! Too bad it's so cold and snowy outside. I would wear them all the time.

I really want to get a geeky tattoo! Like this tiny equilateral triangle on my wrist. It reminds me of Pink Floyd, clean lines, balance, perfectionism, Pythagoras and mathematics. Oh, well. I won't get it now, since it would break my one-year rule for tattoos. I give myself one full year before actually getting something inked. It gives me time to think about whether it's just a random idea or something that I actually want to take to the grave. I waited 5 years before getting the Hippocrates tattoo on my back! I can be very patient sometimes...

Pierre Lapointe - 27-100, rue des Partances

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  1. Oh I love your dress! The outfit looks so cute and comfy at the same time <3


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