December 5, 2011

New baby

All hail my new lens! Haha. I've wanted a Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.4 lens for quite a long time and today I took the plunge and got one. My other lens is a telephoto lens (18-200 mm) and it really wasn't the best tool for portraits and low-light photography. I love how it perfectly captures ambient light and its bokeh is quite wonderful, too. I am a sucker for shallow dept of field, so it was love at first shot! I can't wait to do a proper photoshoot with this lens! I've been running around the house and taking random pictures and test shots (bananas! Billy! Ariane! Mom!), but soon I will have time to come up with a nice concept and capture more interesting stuff.

My sister Ariane brushing her wet hair
This one was taken by my sister.

My little Billy

Testing, testing...
Testing again...
Our tiny Christmas tree peeking through the shades!


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