December 14, 2011

Family time

Today, I had a french exam, then I came back home to study for my philosophy test (which is tomorrow! eek!). There was a surprise awaiting me: my Papy and my Mamie were visiting us. I was so happy to see them! Instead of studying, we spent the afternoon eating brie with cranberries and nuts with a bottle of Nicolas Laloux (the best cheap wine ever!). I usually hate brie, but this one was very good! It was super-melty and kind of sweet. Yum!

My mom kept telling me to take pictures of the cheese and random stuff on the table, so I happily snapped a few.

Nicolas Laloux, my new friend. He's a bohemian gentleman! Ha!
This is not a dessert... It's cheese!
Papy & Billy
My little brother Marc (a.k.a. the one who's afraid of my bowler hat!)
Ariane & Billy

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  1. Sweet! Brie and wine is one of my favorite combos:) Good luck on your finals:)




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