December 20, 2011

Flea Market Addict

Seriously. You should see me running from stand to stand! Gab and I went to the Marché Jean-Talon (a huge flea market) today and I was going from one place to another, on the prowl for precious vinyl albums to add to my always growing collection. While my man was searching for headphones, I found a nearly mint copy of Bowie's album Let's Dance for 3$. Afterwards, we went to the back of the building, where they have an impressive stash of old records. I would have spend the entire day browsing through all the dusty crates and inspecting the discs for scratches, but Gab got very impatient (we were supposed to shop for Christmas presents for our families!) and we finally left the place. I'll come back tomorrow, though. Hehe. I'll be alone and free to spend hours looking at all the vinyl albums they have. I really have a fascination with anything from the past and I get easily mesmerized by old objects, which is not fun for the people I'm with when it happens.

For most people, the recent vinyl revival is just a fad, but I really enjoy the sound of old discs, the snaps and the crackles... I'm still mad at my dad for getting rid of his collection. He had every single Pink Floyd album as well as a couple of The Beatles' ones. I was about 10 years old when he threw them away and I tried to convince him not to. Unfortunately, he won and I lost. Ten years later, he's having regrets about not keeping his vinyls! Especially since my collection counts many albums he once had. Haha

I would love to open my own record store one day. Well, that's a dream among a mountain of other ones! Too bad it's not a very lucrative kind of business. I should open an online store... Or maybe just run a blog to share my obscure vinyl discoveries! Sometimes, I buy random inexpensive albums just because of the title or the cover art. That's how I found great gems like King Biscuit Boy, Paper Lace and Sparks (man, the drummer's name is Dinky Diamond! So awesome!). I might write a blog post about those bands in a near future!

Blouse: Urban Outfitters // Cardigan: Old Navy // Tights: old from mom
Thermal socks: old // Moccasins: H&M // Earrings: Aldo

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  1. aw, yes love the snaps and the crackles that records make, it's such a great & nostalgic sound, and how fun to own a record store one day too?! I'm absolutely loving your adorable outfit here - your boots & sweater are so pretty!! Hope your week is fantastic hun. xo veronika


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