December 13, 2011

Frills & jeans

Today, I felt very brave and tried to take outfit pictures outside... I was doing my thing when my brother came outside and started poking fun at me for taking pictures of myself and looking weird. Turns out, I had scared the hell out of him because I was running around wearing a hat and he thought I was a thief or something (boy, he has some strange thoughts sometimes!). I ended up going back to my room and taking pictures in front of this good ol' closet door. My boots were full of snow and my bag had wet stains, but at least the photos are better than the ones I took outside! Haha.

Costume hat: some dollar store (1$) // Blouse: Vintage // High waisted jeans: Bongo (10$)
Boots: Zeria // Bag: Urban Outfitters (20$)

Yesterday, I was waiting for my boyfriend to come home and I decided to take a walk down to the Stitches Méga Entrepôt (a discount store in Quebec City), where I found this great-fitting pair of jeans. I love high waisted pants and skirts and I had been looking for a great pair of dark high waisted skinny jeans for a very long time. These were my perfect match! I have a long torso and I'm only 5'5, so they're very flattering. I'm never taking them off!

Have you noticed? My blog's background is actually a close-up of the bag I'm holding on the pictures! I love its pattern... it looks like it's made of friendship bracelets!

(As you can see, I don't take myself too seriously... haha)

Have you ever seen Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell tap-dancing? I watched this video during my History of American Cinema class. Astaire and Powell were extremely talented and this dance is truly magical. Frank Sinatra once said of it: ''You know you can wait around and hope but I'll tell you, you'll never see the likes of this again''. So true! They are incredible!


  1. Thank You for being you because I read your article on the galaxy pants (ya know what i mean) I love it and i'm going to make a pair. I'll send pictures when I do, ok. Your Great! Thanks for your time, Michelle.

  2. Anonymous8/09/2014

    This is a great outfit!
    I really love your high waisted jeans. They only sell low waisted things in all the shops where I live. This has actually given me an idea for an outfit, thanks!


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