December 21, 2011

Fruit Punch

It's so drab and cloudy outside! I decided to wear sunny colours to compensate for the bad weather. I really like how light pink and burnt orange look together. It reminds me of tropical punch!

I spent the afternoon shopping for my boyfriend's gift, since I couldn't do it yesterday (he was with me!). He hates shopping for clothes, so he asked for some. Therefore, I spent the afternoon wandering in the men's section of Urban Outfitters and trying on men's clothes to get an approximative idea of their size and fit. I often sleep in my BF's tees, so I know how he likes his shirts to fit, but for the pants, I have no idea... I hope they're the right size!

Well, enough with the men's clotges, let's talk about my womanly outfit! I purchased these boots for 5$ in 2009 and I had never worn them until today! They matched my belt, so they finally took a stroll into town. Speaking of the belt... it's a toddler's size! My little brothers wore it when they were tiny children, so it's very small. I really wish it would fit my hips, but it doesn't, so I put it on my waist instead.

Dress: H&M // Lacy tee (underneath): SWS // Cardigan: thrifted via Value Village
Tights: Simons // Boots: Wal-Mart // Belt: old from little brothers


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