December 22, 2011

''I am a magic princess from the woods''

''You sure look like one!'' said mom. She doesn't approve this outfit.

Here's a non exhaustive list of her comments:

''Hey little girl! You have a dead cat on your back.''
''T'as d'l'eau dans cave'' (Québec idiom for ''Damn, your pants are too short in a dorky way'')
''Are you could or something? You don't need to wear this inside!''
''Amerindian princess in moccasins'' (I was wearing my moccasin slippers when she said this one)
''You look like you're from the back of the woods''

Pseudo model pose #1

Pseudo model pose #2

Back to this classic ''Noémie likes her outfit'' pose

And last but not least, the silly ''Let's add a hat!'' pose.

You know what? It's pretty cool to look like an Amerindian princess in moccasins! Pocahontas has always been my favourite Disney princess, anyway (since Meg from Hercules is not a princess). She's the smartest and the prettiest and she has a pet raccoon. Plus, she gets to make out with John Smith (my favourite male Disney character). Take that, mom.

While we're at it... Let's sing along to my favourite song from Hercules!

EDIT: I had forgotten to write the outfit details... So here we go.

Corduroy pants: Les folles de joie via Urban Outfitters (20$ // sale)
Top: Zara (5$ // sale) 
Vest: H&M (17$)
Belt: came with a pair of shorts
Earrings: Aldo (6$)
Hat: dollar store (1$)
Wedges: H&M


  1. Well I like it, love your pants and the top is really cute :) and John Smith's super hot!

  2. You look beautiful! I love the pants :)


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