December 18, 2011

Trucs chouettes de la semaine, 5th edition!

''Trucs chouettes de la semaine'' means ''Nice stuff of the week''. It's basically a list of things that got me inspired during the past week. I decided to keep the french title, since it sounds a little fancier :)

This week's list includes melting snowmen, bath plugs and sweet treats. Read on!

Fashion blog Refinery29 has teamed up with NYC-based Chocolate bar to bring us this superb collection of premium chocolate bars. I really like the simple, yet stylish design of the packaging and the flavours sound so yummy (Milky Salty Pretzel? I'm sold!). Unfortunately, those were produced in very limited quantities and are now sold-out. (source: Refinery29)

How adorable is this DIY painted clutch from Tick Tock Vintage? Note to self: got thrifting, buy old boring clutch and paint my own unique design! (source: Tick Tock Vintage)

How rad are those illustrations by South-African graphic designer Jordan Metcalf? (source: Jordan Metcalf's portfolio)

Sweet melting snowmen cookies! The best part: Truly Custom Cakery offers the recipe! (source: Truly Custom Cakery)

Jane, the blogger behind from Sea of Shoes, makes me want to be a redhead again! Will I bite the bullet and do it? Maybe... (Source: Sea of Shoes)

The Veda House is my new source of inspiration for home decor and design. Cassie, the owner of the blog, is also a graphic designer! I love her clean and modern approach to design. 

On a more silly note... LOOK AT THIS BATHTUB PLUG! Pure awesomeness! (source: Perpetual Kid)


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