December 16, 2011


First vacation day! I spent the morning tweaking small stuff on my blog's layout (I'm slowly becoming an HTML geek), then I went to my boyfriend's house to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The beginning of the movie is okay, but the rest of it is very predictable and just... a little boring? The special effects are great, though! 

It felt good to spend the afternoon with Gab without worrying about homework and projects. Too bad he had was scheduled to work at 7 PM and our boss (we work at the same place!) called to tell him to arrive at 5 PM instead. We both love to work at this place, so we don't get too mad when it happens... haha!

Shirtdress: H&M // Cardigan: thrifted via Le Village des Valeurs // Tights: old from mom
Shoes: thrifted via Le Village des Valeurs // Earrings: Aldo Accessoires

This dress is very ''me''! You know my obsession with deer... It has a sweet print of deer and wolves silhouettes! Since the dress is black and white, I can mix an match my most colourful tights and cardigans without looking clownish. It's a little too short, though, so I wear very opaque tights and I wear shorts under it.

Wolves and deer!

This morning, I was listening to the Galaxy Jukebox Oldies channel and I heard a great instrumental track by Jørgen Ingmann. I didn't know this artist before and I had a big coup de coeur for his music.


La mer

El Condor Pasa

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  1. You're so pretty and I love your style! The color combination is beautiful <3 I'm following you now! :)


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