January 12, 2012

The Byrds - Renaissance Fair

Sooo... I'm wearing a long skirt. I don't know why so many people hate long skirts. I was doing my thing in the kitchen this morning and my mom and brother kept calling me a maîtresse d'école. Do I look like a schoolteacher? I don't think so... My inspiration for this outfit was Keira Knightley. Last spring, I saw a picture of her in a long, flowy pleated skirt and a crips white shirt and I saved it in my style inspiration folder. I recreated the outfit with a heavier skirt and I tucked in my white blouse instead of tying it at the waist. I think it looks pretty neat!

Blouse: Jules & James via Zellers (15$) // Skirt: Urban Outfitters (10$) // Shoes: Payless (30$)
Tights: ??? // Earrings: Aldo (6$) // Belt: old from little brothers (free!)

See how Billy is looking to the right? There was a plate with sunny side up eggs on my desk. My workspace is a total mess right now. I'm going to remove a few ''inspirational pictures'' for a cleaner look. Most of these don't even inspire me anymore! It's hard to concentrate when you're surrounded by loads of bright images... The Design Blog created an album on its Facebook page with a ton of very interesting workspaces. I would like to install a shelf on top of my desk, but I would have to confront my mom again, which I don't want. She bites! Mom, if you read this, please note that my room is for living and working, not for looking organized and super pretty for you to see. Seriously, she keeps giving me the stink eye every single time I add a poster or artwork on the walls. She says things like ''I made you a beautiful room and you ruined it with your artist mess and your ugly deer comforter set!''. Oh my. I can't wait to have my very own place and install shelves and artwork on every. single. wall. I'm turning 20 this year and let me tell you that after 20 years of collecting random stuff, I don't have much space left for new things. There are books, CDs and vinyls everywhere in my room... and I'm not telling you about how many clothes and pairs of shoes are hiding in my wardrobe. And my drawers. And on the back of my bedroom door. And a few items on the floor. Sometimes I get attached to stuff, like my old PE shirt from first grade. And my basketball team shirts from fifth grade. And that shirt that is pilling and has a few rips, but that I wore when I went into town with this guy. I should get rid of them! I am terrible. Haha.


  1. i really like long skirts if they are worn correctly and i think you set the perfect example here. the pleats in it make the outfit have more character but what makes it all come together and perfect are your tights! i think they actually keep the outfit from looking to teacher like. i enjoy this outfit because it looks vintage and all but without trying to hard. :)

    i have a tendency to collect a bunch of nonsense too (especially tags from clothes, but that's because i love the graphic design aspect of them, they're rather inspiring) i have so much clutter in my room that it keeps me from working in there. after seeing how nice yours looks and how organized it is makes me want to go clean mine up right now! haha. after saying that though you'll probably think mines a disaster if you think your's is dirty. i better get to cleaning!

    and i still can't get over the shade of your walls. they look like an excellent color to have in a studio. if you could, what color(s) would you like to have yours?

    also here's a cool website that does studio checks in Portland, Oregon. it's pretty neat. http://www.workplacepdx.com/

  2. I think it looks really cute <3 love specially the tights and nude flats and your workplace is cool!, my room is like all full of books that are not even mine but I can't get rid of them cause my grandma wont let me (we live at her place) and that is not inspirational at all. Love your wall color btw :)


  3. You have such a good look. a zooey deschanel sort of style. which is good! I love zooey deschanel!

    found the route

  4. Cute outfit, and love your graphic design work!

    - fellow designer from Toronto :)

    ifbirdsfly blog

  5. Oooh I really love your skirt. This outfit is so beautiful :) You look so pretty !

    Cassandre from http://duodeuxmode.blogspot.fr/


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