January 9, 2012

Hurry up!

This post will be short. I have to go get ready for our staff party, then I'm meeting my female coworkers for drinks before the dinner with everyone who works at the restaurant. I must be quick! I have to cut my bangs, which are wayyy too long for my taste. If I let them this way, I know they'll annoy me during the whole evening, so I'll snip a few millimetres away.

Here's an outfit I wore this weekend when Gab and I went out for coffee. It's comfy, it's cute and I like the colours. I added a lace camisole under the sweater for a more feminine look!

Now I'm running to the bathroom to chop my bangs! Haha. See you later, lovely readers :)

Scarf: Spring // Sweater: SWS // Cami: Wal-Mart
Pants: Les Folles de Joie // Shoes: thrifted via Value Village


  1. This outfit is so cute! I love the feminine touch added by the lace and your pants are awesome! Are they velvety or corduroy?

    star-crossed smile

  2. @Nnenna

    Corduroy! They're the perfect pair for the cold Québec weather.

  3. You look so cute!!
    i love this outfit!


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