January 6, 2012

January 2012 lust list

1. Denim shirt // 2. Rust pants // 3. Design*Sponge at Home book
4. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel whiskey // 5. Glittery shoes // 6. Green purse

Stuff I would like to get, but won't. I already have too many shoes, I don't have money to invest in a fancy whiskey bottle and I'm trying not to step into an H&M store (oh, green purse!). The only thing from this list that I might actually buy this month is the Design*Sponge book. I've wanted it for a long time and I'm a big fan of Grace Bonney's blog, so this book would occupy a place of choice on my shelf.

If you're interested in graphic design (or just curious!), I suggest taking a look at the book's cover drafts. The designer came up with so many different options before choosing the one! It's great that Bonney shared all those on her blog. It shows how design is not always a simple process and that it can take time to come up with the very best idea. I love the chosen cover! It's very sophisticated with a modern, playful twist. It sure caught my eye among all the interior design books on Amazon!


  1. Yes! The sparkly shoes and denim top!<3

  2. That book seems very interesting! It was cool to see her process of all the drafts before settling on that one. books are something great to have as well. all the content in it is so much more impacting and unique then seeing the same type of media on the internet, even if it has the same pictures. it's also very nice to have something that you can physically hold and view that has content in it, even if it's always the same. books make great decor as well and can be great conversation starters if a guest is over.

  3. I love this set.I agree denim top and glitter shoes fit very well and I like your blog too:)
    best wishes

  4. That is very cool that she shared the process of the design of the book- I'll have to check it out. And I've wanted that book too for a while, it looks like such a good read!

    star-crossed smile


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