January 11, 2012

Project: Rien d'une crise

Here's the final artwork for Maxime-Alex's book. We both really like how it turned out. I was very productive tonight and had time to edit all the photos, make a few trial versions of the cover and design the final one. Maxime-Alex gave me constructive feedback and trusted me with the small details, so everything went very well. He's doing the layout for the inside of the book and I'm very impatient to see how the final product will look. I'm sure it will be great! Now I'm waiting for my copy :)

Front cover (nothing of a crisis)
A teenage guy looking at his future and questioning himself about it.
Back cover, listing the themes: alcohol, drugs, sex, family, medias, social pressure.

A few of my favourite pictures from the photoshoot (these are going to be into the book).

Maxime-Alex called this concept ''the tree of life''.
You have the choice of living your teenage years either in a positive or a negative way.
Maxime-Alex and Laurence
Arguing with the parents! There is some kind of halo behind Gabrielle...
I don't know what happened. This was shot beside a window, so I guess the light reflected that way.
Her dad had trouble with looking mad. He kept laughing (like in the bubble)!
Gabrielle and her dad! It's my favourite picture from the shoot :)
See the first versions of the cover! The original concept was a melancholic black and white picture, but I quickly switched to the colour version since it looked quite boring in monochrome (adding colour spots didn't even help). The colour photo is more eye-catching and Maxime-Alex liked it better, too.

Type of project: freelance
Client: Maxime-Alex Leblanc Simard
Shot at Parc des Moulins, Québec City on January 9th 2012
Special thanks to Laurence, Gabrielle and Gabrielle's father for modelling!

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  1. excellent work! i think you went about getting this type of topic done in a very great way. i've never seen any type of adds like this about topics like that. great choice on the cover too, it was my favorite. :)


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