January 16, 2012

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The other day when I came home after work (reeking of coffee and fried potatoes),  there was a lovely surprise for me: a small package from Tacoma, WA! It was the vintage dress I had bought from Elizabeth's shop (check out her blog as well)! Squeeeeee! <3

It was my first buy from another blogger's closet. I'm usually very hesitant when buying used clothes online, since I can't see if they have a weird fit or some kind of pit stains. Not that I don't trust other people or believe they are super sweaty, but I'm just cautious. When I thrift, the first thing I check on shirts and dresses are the pits' condition. One time I tried on the most beautiful blouse and when I looked at the pits, they were yellowish and smelled terrible, so now I'm obsessive about it. Ugh. It makes me cringe just to think of this blouse! Something is not right with me... I should get over it and find a better occupation than worrying about armpits. Haha.

Now, back to the dress! Thankfully, it smelled good and was exempt of pit stains, so it was love at first sight, take two. It fits perfectly! It's a little short, but I really don't mind, since I have a whole arsenal of tights waiting to be worn under it. Today, I paired it with my bright red ones to give the dress a  nautical vibe. I wore my favourite Peter Pan collar blouse underneath in hopes to score bonus cuteness points and I added an anchor ring for a fun touch. I wonder how the previous owners of this dress styled it... I know Elizabeth once wore it with polka-dot tights and moccasins, which is a great combo, but seeing how the very first lady who owned it wore it would be awesome! I think it dates back to the sixties, so I guess the dress was longer back then... or maybe it simply belonged to a little girl? I'll never know...

Dress: vintage via Delightfully Tacky // Blouse (underneath): Coincidence & Chance
Tights: Simons // Shoes: thrifted // Ring: Aldo

In case you were wondering what I did with my messy workspace - here's my clean and organized desk and walls! I changed the posters and inspirational pictures and placed them into a rectangular pattern instead of all over the place. It looks neater! Let's leave the rest of my room out of the story, though... ;)


  1. that dress is adorable :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. I love this dress on you and way you've styled it- so cute! :)

    star-crossed smile

  3. What a lovely story! you look so thrilled to have gotten an old article of clothing in pristine condition! I know what you mean by the pits though, I can not stand that! I can't stand any sort of stain on used clothes actually. :P But back to the outfit, you did an outstanding job. A perfect nautical outfit! :) nothing more to say then spot on perfect! I find dressing that way is rather fun. It's such an awesome style! I really like the little lace detailing on the bottom. it adds a lot! I can't imagine what someone wore with it back then. Actually I find it hard a lot of times to figure out what they wore with what back in the day. maybe that sounds confusing? I wonder what someone could have worn with the native looking vest I have. I'm assuming it actually isn't that much different then how I wore it. But who knows!
    oh my I love the moose in the left corner. did you make that yourself?

    1. Yes, it's DIY :) I love deer, so I made my own cardboard friend. I recently added a matching comforter, so my room is pure deer overload. Haha! I even made mini deer heads to paste on my Christmas cards last year...

    2. that's so awesome! have you thought about making any other animals? I saw the comforter. It's amazing! haha. Deer are such cool creatures. I think it's the way they walk, how peaceful they are, and of course the antlers.

    3. Yes! Deer are so fascinating.
      I thought about making bears! I just need to figure out how... haha

  4. I'm the same way when it comes to thrifting! If I even see something wrong with the pit area, I sadly put it back. It may just be paranoia, but I'm extremely cautious too.

    found the route

  5. You're so cute!


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