January 5, 2012

Raleigh Moncrief // Lament For Morning

When I logged into my computer today, there was a nice surprise waiting for me: not one, not two, but THREE design contract offers. Oh my. It's great when people start seeing you as a serious graphic designer and are confident to let you conceive material for them and actually pay you for it. I'm slowly gaining a little exposure as a freelance graphic designer and it's a nice feeling when clients come back to give you other projects. It shows their trust and satisfaction! The projects include a pamphlet for the local canoe-kayak club, a cover for a book about today's teenagers and promotional posters for a student theatre company (I used to be part of it!). Since my classes only begin on January 23rd, I'm accepting all these offers. I'm also illustrating the cover page of Maxime Plamondon's first play, which is giant's work for me (illustration!!!). I am far more motivated by real projects than fictional school assignments... and I'm very excited for these ones!

A few days ago, I found my long-lost fennec fox tee! It was buried among a few piles of clothes in our basement. Originally, there was a little flowery bow sewn to it, but I removed it because it was annoying me and limiting the tee's styling options. I paired my desert friend with my job pants, my furry vest and my black bowler had. The colours looked a little boring to me, so I added red flats and wore a bit of red lipstick. It's a nice pop of bright colour!

Tee: Zara // Vest: H&M // Pants: H&M
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy // Hat: Dollarama // Earrings: thrifted

If you feel like listening to awesome organized noise... Let me introduce you Raleigh Moncrief's Lament For Morning! It's catchy. It's trippy. It's RALEIGH MONCRIEFFFFF (okay, enough with the advertisement-style formulas). Enjoy :)


  1. That's so great! Congratulations, is not easy to start as a graphic designer but if you're good at it clients will return <3
    Love the tee and the flats, it was a great choice the pop of color


  2. congratulations on the offers! that is just amazing. happy for you! great outfit too. love the pop of the red. excellent shoe choice. and i've always liked your wall. xD it looks like it is a gradient? if so was it tricky to paint?
    take care! :)

  3. Congratulations on getting 3 offers! That's amazing!
    Btw, love those red flats! :)

  4. @Matthew Hoss

    Actually it's not a gradient. The paint I used is not completely matte, so the light reflects on it in pictures. It might be the mirror, too...

    I really wish it looked like this in real life, though :)


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