January 18, 2012

Thicker Than Water

Thanks, readers <3 It's great to know that I'm not always talking to myself when I post here! Haha! I was thinking... would a blog design giveaway interest you? I could offer a simple personalized blog design to the winner (header, navbar, two grab buttons, blogger picture and bio thingie, colour settings). I'm unsure about it, since most of you already have a great theme... but tell me what you think about this potential giveaway. If many people are interested, I'll post all the contest info :)

Here's an outfit I wore yesterday. And the night before yesterday. And this morning to take pictures of it. And that I will surely wear to school next Monday. In fact, I like it so much that it might become my go-to uniform for the days when I don't know what to wear. I'm all for effortless and cozy chic and I think this outfit has it all.

Monday night, Gab & I went out for a beer at Archibald and I felt like wearing my disco-ball shorts, just because. Archibald is a casual place, especially on Mondays, so I tried to tone down the disco queen vibe of my shorts. I paired them with a loose white tee and an oversized cardigan for a relaxed feel. This outfit is super comfy, but I like how the shiny sequins add a glam touch and keep the loose pieces on top from looking sloppy.

Tee: H&M (15$) // Cardigan: Stitches Méga Entrepôt (5$) // Shorts: French Connection (30$)
Boots: Yellow (20$) // Hat: Dollarama (1$) // Earrings: H&M

These sequined shorts call for a good disco song! I can't stop listening to (Love Is) Thicker Than Water by Andy Gibb. Andrew « Andy » Gibb (1958-1988) was an English disco singer and musician. He was the youngest brother of Maurice, Robin and Barry Gibb (aka the world-famous Bee Gees) and, in my humble opinion, the only man who could rock Princess Diana's hairdo while still looking sexy.


  1. I'd love that!

    Those sequin shorts are adorable!
    found the route

  2. such a lovely outfit! and your hairrrr ahh my dream hair!! :)

  3. Oh I love your shorts and it was such a great mix between glam and comfy relax :). I'm still taking the photography class just next semester and my little dog has no name cause we can't keep her ): we already have her mom and older sister </3. Love your blog honestly :) and the giveaway is such a cool idea, congrats on the views and followers yay!


  4. i love the shorts!


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