January 5, 2012

Trucs chouettes de la semaine, 7th edition

Make this awesome clothing rack with just a branch, white paint and string! (via LOVE AESTHETICS)

I don't know who's behind this brilliant concept of print ads for Breast Cancer Foundation, but I sure admire this person's creativity! (via heyinspir8tion)

I'm a huge fan of Jack Daniel's whiskey. I love the taste, the classic packaging, the sound of ice cubes in my glass... I would like to give the Winter Jack a try! (via Lovely Package)

Again, I don't know the source of this illustration. Why can't people credit images properly? Anyway. Pulp Fiction is one of my favourite movies and I think this illustration is great. I like the white typography and the tiny silhouettes at the bottom. Nice piece! (via filmstowatchfaded)

I know it's not Christmas anymore. But how cute is this? (via Viviana Agostinho)

This HandyGram portable record player is the sweetest thing ever! (via midcenturydesign)

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  1. Sérieusement, j'admire ce que tu fais sur ton blogue ! :) C'est l'fun de voir des choses banales/ou pas banales de la vie devenir belles quand je les vois ici. Ça fait connaître des nouvelles choses! J'addooore!


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