January 21, 2012

Trucs chouettes de la semaine, 9th edition

I like this fresh font from Australian designer Cameron Sweeney. It's available in a variety of weights (Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold), plus it's free. I'm especially fond of the y's shape! Very stylish.
(via RipeType)

The temperatures in Québec keep getting lower and lower, but I'm already dreaming of summer. I came across this sweet outfit picture and my mind instantly filled itself with high waisted shorts and flowy lacy tops. Oh, and tiny pastel bags, too!
(via ASOS)

Some playful V-day cards from illustrator AmyMarcella. 
Simplicity and vivid colours make them incredibly stylish.
(via Etsy)

I have a confession: the English version of Chatelaine is one of my favourite monthly reads. The February issue is packed with awesome home decorating tips and the most mouth-watering recipes (scallops! lobster pasta! guilt-free brownies!). My pick? This quick and easy lemon curd.
(via Chatelaine)

A great DIY idea: use a leftover tangerine peel to make fragrant candles.
(via Honestly WTF)

An happy lady taking a stroll in Chicago, all bundled up in a stylish Pendleton poncho.
How cute is she?
(via R29 Street Style)

This is Wouter de Backer. Also known as Gotye. He's handsome. He has curly hair. He's wearing a hat. And staring at you in a terribly seductive way. He's currently #3 on iTunes. THIS MAKES ME FREAKIN' HAPPY. I've been addicted to his music for months. Now I'll hear it on the radio and sing along and be merry. FINALLY I'LL ENJOY LISTENING TO THE RADIO. Bref, c'est jouissif.
(photo via Gotye's website)


  1. Lovely post! and I'm liking this picture of Gotye. He IS handsome.

    found the route

  2. I love those Valentine's Day cards- they're not your typical ones and are so cute! I'm also already wishing for warmer weather and would totally wear that adorable outfit :)

    star-crossed smile

  3. Loved the font, the V-day cards and the tangerine candle <3


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