January 4, 2012


My new tattoo is slowly healing. The area is still sore, like someone hit me very hard at this place (to say it in québécois: c'est comme si un innocent m'avait sacré une méchante bine). I don't mind having a needle buzzing under my skin, but having a sensitive arm afterwards is really annoying. The tattoo is so worth the annoyance, though. I still can't believe how beautiful it is!

My bangs are back after a short absence of five days. Oh, bangs, how I missed you. Now I feel more like myself. I've had bangs ever since I was little (except for a short break in elementary school), so I feel naked whenever my forehead is exposed. Oh, well.

I am wearing a Fair Isle cardigan I got at Boutique Lucia F. three months ago. It's a vintage 100% virgin wool knit from La Maison Simons. It must be from the late 80's or the early 90's. It's the first time I wear it! I didn't know how to style in in a non grandma-ish way... but I finally decided to button it up and wear my favourite blouse underneath to let the collar peek out. Therefore, my outfit it fifty percent grandma and fifty percent modern. Well, modern is a big word. My golden purse is from the 80's, my jeans are high-waisted and my boots are not the most fashion-forward model. Haha. Anyway, I like how all those pieces look together. Apparently, Fair Isle knits are suddenly in style this winter, so I don't look too stuck in the past by wearing one.

Fair isle cardigan: vintage La Maison Simons via Boutique Lucia F.
Blouse (underneath): Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Bongo // Boots: Zeria // Purse: thrifted

Sooo what am I doing tonight? Reading magazines! I got the latest issue of Nylon Guys yesterday. I also buy the regular Nylon, but I really prefer the guy's magazine, since the interviews are more interesting and there's a lot of stuff to read (cars! whisky! art!). Since I steal a lot of elements from men's style, I find its fashion pages very inspiring. I will also finish my Urbania, since I haven't had much time to read it since I got it in November... After that, I might go out for a beer with some guy friends. But for now I'll go back to my reading :)


  1. No comments on this beautiful blog ? How come ?!
    First thing I gotta say, I really like your design, it's beautifully done !
    Following you :) Follow back if you like mine too ;)

  2. You pull off the sweater + peterpan collar look very well ;) can't wait to see your new tat!



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