January 23, 2012

Wearing a hat & faking a dance

First day of school. I already received my first design assignment: we're making flyers to promote fruits and veggies to kids and their parents. We have to make a character out of fruits or veggies and use it as the main photo of our design. I'm a bit stressed out, since I'm zero inspired by this project (for now). I need to get the creative juice (haha! pun totally intended!) flowing. I guess I'll spend a few hours of my free time looking at pictures of food in order to feed my brain! (okay, last pun, I promise!)

For today's outfit, I went for simplicity: my ivory blouse plus red pants. No frills. Do you have a favourite item of clothing that you always end up wearing when you're in a mini style rut? For me, it's this blouse. It's probably my favourite and most trusty item of clothing: it even survived a Duchess Says gig where the frontwoman threw grenadine on the crowd. I was right in front of the stage (obviously I got some in my hair and on my clothes) and you know what? All the bright red gunk disappeared without a trace. It's a magic shirt, I tell you. Haha. I'll never give it away! It's too cute, I can style it in a millions different ways and I know I will feel good wearing it. Plus, it has this sweet peter pan collar and scalloped sleeves that I adore :)

Blouse: Coincidence & Chance (30$)  // Pants: H&M (15$)
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10$) // Earrings: Aldo (6$)


  1. That blouse=ADORABLE. scalloped sleeves and all! I love that you tied it at the front too. I've always like the look of shirts that tie at the front.

    found the route

  2. I start school in 6 days. I feel your pain. Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous, I love how it's so simple but so stylish <3

  3. Oh awesome outfit! Those trousers are such a neat material. They add the perfect amount of flare to the outfit. it's perfect! That blouse is amazing! wow. I would definitely have that as a go to item too. xD although personally I find myself going to my denim and navy western shirts.
    besides the assignment that you're not that stoked on, how do you like the class/ feel of it? is it pretty neat? interesting? i've been wanting to take some design and art classes, but no time right now.
    I've been away from the computer for a while and have missed so many updates from you. it was awesome getting to read more then just one new post. :)


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