January 20, 2012

When the stars come out, remember you are mine

Perry Como - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (1952)

I loooooove this retro nautical jacket. It has this lovely trapeze shape and there are engraved anchors on its buttons. Clearly, Billy doesn't give a damn about it, but it's so lovely! I like to wear it as a light coat in the Spring, but I decided to try it as a jacket. I paired it with my striped minidress (I've had it since high school!) and my favourite yellow tights.

The downside of wearing such a short dress: it keeps riding up and nearly exposing my butt. I wear shorts under it, but I hate having to fuss with the dress' bottom every 15 minutes. Well, they say you have to suffer for fashion... HA! I could pin the dress to my tights and hope for it to stay put. Hum... Ladies, do you have any secret tricks for wearing short dresses without flashing your bum?

Jacket: H&M  // Dress: H&M  // Tights: Wal-Mart // Shoes: thrifted via Value Village

Oh, and guess what? I have my first driving lesson on Tuesday! Well, for the next month, it's just theory and theory and more theory... but if everything goes well, I'll have my learner's permit by March (= I'll only be allowed to drive with an instructor). You might want to stay home and not risk your life with me on the road... Just kidding ;)


  1. i loved this! I can tell im going to enjoy following your blog, that was meant to sound nice not creepy btw! :)

  2. I wouldn't know how to wear yellow tights but you look so cute with them <3 the navy jacket and striped dress are perfect together and your dog is soooo cute!. I don't wear anything short for that reason but usually with skirts I wear shorts under it and that's pretty much it.


  3. Your colors flow so well. love the look


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