February 4, 2012

Evil Ways

The other day, my collection of tights welcomed a brand new pair, the brightest of all. When I bought these, I was convinced they were avocado green. On Wednesday, I put them on (see outfit) and when I sat in my French class, I discovered that they were actually BRIGHT, FLUORESCENT SNOT GREEN. Oh my. I guess these tights were part of some overstock Halloween batch... Haha! I'll put them among our costume items.... I don't think I'll wear them again, except as a part of some evil witch costume. I just don't like their non-opaque snot colour. It looks prettier on the photos, though ;)

Blouse: Zara (15$) // Cardigan: Wal-Mart (12$) // Skirt: thrifted (5$)
Boots: Zeria // Earrings: thrifted (1$) // Tights: Mondor (2$)

I've been listening to Saturday Night Fever's soundtrack a lot. I really enjoy those classic disco songs. For the last few weeks, I've been crushing on Andy Gibb, the Bee Gee's younger brother, so when I found this album for 0,50$ in a thrift store, I just had to get it. My favourite song on it is not sung by the Bee Gees, though. They wrote it and sang a very good version of it, but I really prefer Yvonne Elliman's take on this tune.

Yvonne Elliman - If I can't have you

Now I'm going to hop in the shower, put on some sweatpants and a big shirt and do homework. Tonight, I'm staying in to enjoy some downtime with Gab before the weeks starts. Max called me to invite us to this birthday, but I'm super exhausted from the past week and I've been looking forward to this lazy evening all week. I just want to chill in my PJs, watch a movie and go to bed early since I'm working tomorrow at 7AM. Plus, my Mom is making a super good dinner tonight because it rarely happens that Gab has a Saturday off and can eat with my family. It's just bad timing to go to a party... 

Have a good weekend :)


  1. You always have the most unexpected colour combinations, yet it works somehow. Also, I have that skirt and looove it.

  2. The tights look gorgeous in the photos!




  3. That skirt is way too cute!!!



  4. I love your skirt, and the tights look really cute in the photos.

  5. So pretty!



  6. You wear those tights so well- they look very cute with your outfit :)

  7. Cute outfit !!, i love the blouse !!
    have a nice week :)

  8. Your style is absolutely amazing!! I'm in love with your blog :)
    You deserve way more followers!
    I'm a new follower <3
    Check out my blog!


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