February 29, 2012

the hot-dog's getting cold and you'll never be as good as the rolling stones

Here's what I wore last night. New tights alert! Gab and I have been debating whether they're the colour of vomit or not. I strongly believe men have trouble identifying colours properly. Salmon is not ''cat vomit'' and ochre is not ''straight-up vomit''. Okay, enough with undigested stuff. If I don't stop right now, I'll start making plenty of vomit-related jokes. I really don't want to disgust my readers and myself with such things. Dressing like a 5-year-old doesn't allow me to behave like one! Haha!

I bought the dress about two years ago, but it was only my third time wearing it. Two years ago, the only styling options I had in mind were black tight and a black cardigan. Cute, but pretty boring after a few times wearing the exact same combination! This time, I opted for pops of colour: red and yellow go so well together! I picked the ochre (ochre! ochre!) tights for a muted alternative to good ol' black legwear. I felt a little like an all-dressed hot-dog in this particular colour palette... The only thing missing was the mayo! Oh, wait - the earrings! I could have added a camel coat as a tribute to hot-dog buns! Hmm, I'm considering styling a series of food-inspired outfits right now... Foodie Fridays, anyone? :)

 Dress: H&M (?? $) // Cardigan: H&M (17 $) // Tights: Simons (3 $)
Rain boots: thrifted (3 $) // Earrings: Aldo (6 $)

MGMT - Flash Delirium

( want a piece of Ben cake? )


  1. Thank God you talked about vomit colors xD cause when I read the Hot Dog title I was getting hungry. I think of that color as a dark gold actually, vomit is more of a mix of colors xD, love your dress and yes! It goes great with the yellow cardigan <3 love it!


  2. I love the way you put colours together - I would never think of mixing these but you look fab!

  3. its really cute, i like that dress, i remember it form h&m, i think it was 30 e.

  4. Haha it would have to be really dark vomit to be that shade!

    I love your dress and that cardigan together. So bright and summery!




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