February 7, 2012

Lady Bird

If you're not into reading my ranting about town buses, you can skip to the next paragraph! haha! Today, I figured out it would be a good idea to meet my mom at her new job so we could grab lunch together. Therefore, I joined her at the mall and we ate burgers and fries at A&W. After that, I was going to leave when I remembered that I really needed to get a new hard drive, since my old one broke after I stupidly dropped it on the floor. When I got out of the electronics store, I realized it was now way too late to catch the last ''express'' bus to go back home, so I ended up taking the metrobus, which is a double-length engine that takes about a hour and a half to go from the mall to my bus stop. When I arrived at the terminus, there was no one to pick me up, so I had to wait 30 minutes for Gab to give me a lift home (aww!). ARGHH. I was supposed to clear up some homework, but I really feel like I've wasted my whole afternoon because of that stupid bus... By car, the ride takes about 20 minutes or so, so I was super mad for not having my license (and awesome avocado green car) already. Grrrr.

Thankfully I was wearing comfy stuff. Corduroy pants are like pyjamas, so I tried to relax myself while admiring the gorgeous scenery (buildings, brick and brownish snow) that presented itself through the bus' window and listening to Nancy & Lee (Lee Hazlewood's 1968 album with Nancy Sinatra). It made me a little (ok, a lot) happier to have their great duets on my iPod. I was still mad, but at least I was enjoying some lovely music. Good songs have the power to calm my nerves :)

Sweater: thrifted (5$) // Blouse w/ pearly collar (worn underneath): Vero Moda (30$)
Pants: Pure Alfred Sung (15$) // Boots: Zeria // Earrings: gift from Gab

Just a side note - If you like the collar of my blouse, I found a very interesting tutorial from Virginie's Cinema. She shows you how to make a very similar one! Mine came with the pearls already sewn to it, but if you're feeling crafty, it's an easy way to spruce up a shirt you already own. Take a look!

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Lady Bird


  1. I love the little collar on your sweater! You are too cute! :D


  2. Awww the collar is gorgeous! such a girly touch for the outfit. And honestly where I live buses are a nightmare, always full like literally full you have to go standing on the door, is insecure people get robbed a lot on buses and always with annoying music, hate buses -.-


  3. I love the sweater!!, and the collar it's really pretty, i love it !!, have a nice weekend!, kisses.

  4. i like that blouse , i wanted to buy but it is out of stock! and btw i like your blog, im watching you...

    1. You could get a basic flowy blouse and sew pearls on the collar... Virginie from Virginie's Cinema made a super-similar one! See here: http://virginiescinema.blogspot.com/2012/01/easy-diy-pearl-collar.html



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