February 25, 2012

Me fantasizing about unattainable curly-haired guitarists

Here's a little preview of my first-ever illustration class project. We have to draw ourselves and make a model sheet of three different views, plus an ''all done up'' version of the 3/4 view. My character is still unfinished: I forgot a few elements and my shoes are still in their quick sketch version. After working on it for a few hours, my brain went a little cuckoo crazy and I ended up adding sexy old men floating in heart shapes all around the place. Je suis incorrigible. Procrastination and musical delirium are signs that it's time for me to hop in the shower, get in my Mickey Mouse pj's and call it a day. Haha!

Oh, and for the shoes... Do you think I should keep working on the brown boots or illustrate my white slipper flats with the bow instead? Hum, hum...


  1. Adorable! It actually looks just like you. You're very talented, lady!

  2. This is totally YOU. and I think the boots are perfect. You are such an amazing artist!

    found the route

  3. I love this! the boots have a nice color contrast going on. This is a very cute idea, btw :)

  4. I think the boots are perfect <3 love all the colors! and the cardigan patter is really cute. btw my yellow nail polish is some weird brand called "crazy" XD


  5. That is so freaking cute! I love how Arlo is one there!

  6. Very cute!!

    Moi j'aime les gars bouclés... qui font des films :)


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