February 3, 2012

thrift store finds

Some crochet doilies. I want to make detachable collars with these... So lovely!

Some old bed sheets to turn into pillowcases or maybe a reversible comforter cover. I'm seriously considering the first option. How rad would it be to have a ton of fluffy, squishy pillows on my bed?

A vintage tablecloth in a gorgeous shade of mustard yellow. It's in mint condition and still has the original tags attached to it. I recently started gathering a bunch of items for when I'll leave home and get my very own place :) I want my future kitchen to give off a sunny vibe and this round tablecloth will be the perfect decor element to achieve it!

A rococo cup that I'm now using as a pencil holder. It's so delicate and pretty! Oh, and see how I'm subtly promoting Jack Daniel's Old No.7... Haha!

Geometric earrings plus a matching brooch (2 $). They look so modern!

Have you visited a thrift store recently? What have you found?


  1. Unfortunately I haven't been thrifting recently! You finds are amazing though! I like the idea of making doilies into collars! I may have to look for some next time I go! Also, I adore the geometric earrings and mustard tablecloth, too! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Love the earrings and the cup <3 the tablecloth and sheets are so cute, sadly there are not thrift stores where I live ): I'd love to go to one


  3. oh man! thrift stores are absolutely my favorite! I recently got a pair of Dr. Martens for just $2! can you believe it???


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