February 9, 2012

Trucs chouettes de la semaine, 11th edition

College is keeping me incredibly busy these days, but I (finally!) found a little time to make my weekly list of trucs chouettes. Yay! Here we go!

A quote from Nick Wooster, men's fashion director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman: ''I am my own harshest critic. As much as I love to wear something that’s a bit off, I’m terrified that I will be made fun of. It’s a frightening conundrum''.

 Marie-Claude Marquis, the crafty woman behind jewelry line Isola, scours flea markets and bazaars to hand-pick the very best vintage pieces and turn them into lovely earrings and necklaces. Plus, each design is unique and exclusive!
(via Isola)

Should you go freelance? Graphic/web designer Breanna Rose's new series of posts for Studio Sweet Studio focuses on the big question. I'm strongly considering a freelance career (in a few years), so I'm super interested by those posts and looking for more advice from Bre. Start reading here :)

A great mix of different flower patterns and layers from lookbooker Nadia Esra. Lovely palette!

An adorable DIY Valentine Popcorn invatation for a cozy night in. Cheesy things like this usually make me roll my eyes, but this kit is too cute for words! I secretly want to make my own... haha!
Needle felting a.k.a. the most stylish (and productive!) way to relieve stress.
(via Honestly WTF)

A bit late, but... Awesome nail art at Lollapalooza 2011
(via Vogue)

I will rarely annoy you with ''do me a favor'' stuff, but if you have a few seconds, could you please vote for my photos? There's this nature photography contest at my college. Right now, people can vote for the ''public's choice'' prize. Your votes could help me win (or be among the runner-ups) :)
(here and here)

What caught your attention online this week ? :)


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