February 2, 2012

Un petit thé?

This was a fun little project we did in our Visual Exploration class a few months ago. First, each student had to complete a short form about his tastes (colours, graphic styles, personality, etc), then our teacher took all those and gave us another people's sheet (anonymously). We had to conceive a package based on the other student's tastes, without actually knowing who our ''client'' was. 

Since my ''client'' was a calm, introverted and zen person, I decided to design a tea package for a fictive tea brand called Un Petit Thé?. The person liked organic shapes (flowers) and country-style stuff (wood), plus romantic, feminine and retro designs (light pink, polka-dots, bow). She also mentioned that she was into metallic colours, so I put silver paper on the bottom of the box, which is not shown on the pictures above (duh). The final result is not the most design-savvy, but this project's goal was to combine different - and sometimes clashing! - styles, plus explore various combinations. I really enjoyed working on it!

PS - Please pardon my low English skills tonight... It's 11PM and I've been up since 5:30AM so my brain is running pretty slowly right now. Haha! I just wanted to post a quick update, since I don't really have an outfit to show you. I wore the most awesome neon green tights yesterday and I can't wait to share pictures of those :) Plus, I went to the thrift store on Tuesday and I found a ton (okay, maybe it's closer to just a few pounds) of great stuff. You'll see tomorrow! Goodnight!


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