March 13, 2012

Design inspiration: bottles

I've been collecting so many pictures of great packaging lately. Here are the most recent additions to my inspiration folder. As you can see, I really have a thing for vintage-y label design. I love a good mix of contrasting fonts!

via mapisblog
via Visual Graphic
via Oh Beautiful Beer
via Whiskey Tango
via Nikoriana
via Visual Graphic
via Oh Beautiful Beer


  1. Package and product design is by far one of my most favored types of media. I've even messed around and created some for myself. It's great, there's just something about it that draws me in more then other types of art. Do you know of any good package design websites?

    1. My two favourites are Lovely Package and Oh Beautiful Beer, but I also recommend following the ''packaging'' tag on tumblr to get daily inspiration from various places.


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