March 17, 2012

diamond patch and laces to match

Haha! So sneaky! I've been longing for a red scarf for a while, but it's not the best time of the year to finally decide to get one... The stores' shelves are already full of swimsuits and light summer clothes in every pastel colour of the rainbow, so shopping for a deep red circle scarf is literally impossible! My quest for the holy grail of knitted scarves ended earlier this week when Carolane of Ton Petit Look wrote in a post that her Paul & Joe pullover is so versatile that she even wore it as a scarf during her trip to Paris. I thought it was a brilliant way to remix a woolen shirt, so I shamelessly stole her idea. Now I have the most perfect red scarf that can double as a pullover (well, vice-versa!). Carolane, you're a genius!

And for the dress/shirt/skirt, I recently thrifted a pretty vintage top in the exact same print as my skirt and I just had to wear both pieces together. The top has shoulder pads, which I'm not sure I'll remove... They don't make me look too matronly, so I'm considering extending their lifespan.

What I like best about this shirt is the collar. It's subtle, but so cute!

Top: thrifted (3 $) // Skirt: Simons (10 $) // Pullover: Pink Martini (20 $) // Belt: thrifted (3 $)
Tights: Secret (3 $) // Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10 $) // Earrings: thrifted (2 $)

Here's a sweatshirt song for you. Put one around your neck and sing along! Got my favourite sweatshirt on. Diamond patch & laces to match. Lalalalalalalala diamond rats in the sewer of the sky... Wild, wiiiiild, wild creatures multiplyyyyyy

PS - See Carolane's famous pullover here! I really like how she styled it and Josiane (her twin sister) is wearing an awesome outfit, too!


  1. Love the whole look <3

  2. You are so cute! I love the outfit. very nice blog! :)

  3. Olhem esta postagem com THE SUN WAS HIGH em meu blog!
    (Look at this poster with THE SUN WAS HIGH on my blog!)


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