March 26, 2012

I hope that the last page of you 800-page novel is missing

I wore an awesome outfit today, but when I came home, it was way too cold to take pictures outside and the lighting inside the house was very bad. Therefore, Mission Outfit Pictures was aborted. I dug through my unposted looks folder and found this one from spring break. That night, Gab and I went out for a few beers and I picked a dress that looks stolen from an old lady's closet. Most of the other girls at the bar were dressed in tight clothes, heels and low-cut tops, but I felt super cute in my a-line dress and brogues. Back when I was in high school, I used to feel a bit of pressure to dress a specific way when going out, but now I just wear whatever I want. I respect other people's personal style and embrace mine. Dressing up is meant to be fun and help you express your unique personality, no? :)

Do you sometimes feel the pressure to dress accordingly to the ''scene'' when you go out?

Dress: H&M (15 $) // Tights: old from mom
Brogues: Deena & Ozzy (10 $) // Bag: Old Navy (20 $)

Random picture of the dog :

 Darwin Deez - Bad Day

The kind of song that makes me smile!


  1. I love the print of that dress <3 I've never dressed like most of my girl friends and I used to be a little uncomfortable with that when I was younger, now I'm proud of it but I do have some clothes to wear according to the occasion, but they're totally my style

  2. J'aime tellement ton blogue, jle chek a chaque jour pour voir si y a des updates! Continue ton beau travail, pis tes chroniques sur Ton petit look sont pas mal nice aussi :D


  3. I've learned to not feel pressured by anyone to dress a certain way. So now I wear what I want, wherever I want. Like last weekend I went to a party where all the girls were in tiny dresses with heels and I rocked up in my gorgeous wine coloured velvet bell bottoms! Why is it I'm always jealous of your tights? x

  4. I've always been really scornful of people's perceptions of how others "should" dress. Even when I was younger, I wore whatever I liked. I'm very glad of that now.

    That dress looks lovely on you.


  5. it's difficult not to feel pressured to dress a certain way. But it feels so much better to dress in the clothes that I like and not what everyone else likes :)

    Anyway, you look adorable. I just love your dress!


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