March 10, 2012

Illustration project - final version!

Here's the final version of my illustrated self-portrait project. I'm tried a few of my favourite albums, and the winner was Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant. It matches the tights! I'm think I did a pretty good job for this one, since illustration is not my thing. I was a bit reticent when I saw that illustration classes were obligatory in the Graphic Design program. We have to keep a sketchbook and pick a few exercises each week in order to stimulate our creativity. This whole ''draw random stuff'' thing is slowly growing on me, though. The other day, I drew a ridiculous curly monster with mittens and muffins flying all around him. It looked quite awesome! I might re-draw it in Illustrator and post it here.

To conclude on a fun note, here's a picture I found this week. I'm not usually into you momma jokes, but those are pretty good ones :


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