March 29, 2012

in the last of the melting snow

The warm days are already gone... The cold temperature came back and it snowed two days in a row! Let's stay positive and say that sweater weather is better weather. Haha! Today, I wore one of my favourite sweaters on top of my Vero Moda blouse with the pearl collar and threw my signature yellow tights into the mix. I love pairing red and yellow together. This colour duo makes me happy, even though it sometimes looks a bit "Barbie goes to McDonald's in a conceptual outfit". The funny thing is that I had lunch at McDonald's today... My friend Cath and I were very amused by the coincidence!

See this little black thing in my hand? Yup, I got a camera remote! After one year of relying on a built-in self-timer, I got tired of running back and forth to get the right focus/pose/non-blurry jumping shot and invested in a cheap remote. Using this gadget felt very awkward at first, but I quickly got used to it. Next time I'll take outfit photos, I'll quickly hide it in my pocket so it doesn't show in pictures!

Sweater: Pink Martini (30 $) // Blouse (underneath): Vero Moda (30 $) // Shorts: H&M (15 $)
Tights: Secret (3 $) // Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10 $)

The Leasure Society - The Last Of The Melting Snow

Great for talking a hand-in-hand walk while light snow slowly falls on your shoulders...
Sounds romantic, right?


  1. You're way too adorable, love the snow as a background and your colorful outfit contrasting, I laughed at the Barbie meets Mc Donalds comment XD

  2. Such a cute look! Wearing warm colors in cold days is always a good thing! :D I love that jumper! :D

  3. I love the detailing on your collar, so cute!


  4. That jumper looks really gorgeous on you. I love how you've teamed it with the orange tights.


  5. Love the colour of your tights, so bright and adorable. Also, I am forever in love with the leisure society; lovely music, lovely people.


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