March 19, 2012

les héros de mon enfance

Here's my latest Design & Production assignment! The goal was to create recto-verso flyers to promote the consumption of fruits and veggies among children. No D&P project is complete without a little challenge: we had to create a character using fruits and vegetables and photography it. Making a frog prince out of bell peppers, cucumbers and radish was quite difficult, since the frog kept dismembering itself. I ended up stabbing the whole thing with so many toothpicks that there was no way someone could eat it without swallowing small pieces of wood... Haha!

It was the first time I ever used the font That's Font Folks! and I really fell in love with it. I grew a bit tired of using Learning Curve Pro all the time on my blog so I switched to That's Font Folks!

As an eternal perfectionist, there are so many things that I would change in my design if I could rework it (the kerning at some places, or the curve of the text), but I think it looks pretty cool anyway. It's very appropriate/attractive for kids. What I like best about this project is that I stepped out of my comfort zone by adding a few subtle drop shadows and gradients. Both graphic effects remind me of my Moutonking days circa 2003-2004, so I tend to shy away from them. It's sad, because they can add so much dimension to a design when used correctly. I'm slowly trying to make peace with those effects. Subtlety is the key!

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  1. Heehee that is so adorable!



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