March 13, 2012

SB 2012 - Making a dress!

After changing a few things in my blog's layout, I moved to the next step of my to-do list: making a dress! I went to Value Village and picked used bed sheets in a pretty flowery print (2 $), then I snooped into my mom's sewing stuff  to find cute buttons and a square of light pink fabric to make the collar. I carefully studied the design of one of my favourite dresses, made a quick pattern on tracing paper and happily cut the pieces. I wanted to use my mom's sewing machine, but it wouldn't cooperate so I ended up sewing the whole thing by hand. Yup, I went the old-school way to make a retro dress out of vintage bed sheets. It took me the whole day.... Talk about a style challenge! Haha!

Here's a little preview photo I took yesterday. The collar was not finished and the buttons were not sewed on, but it gives a good idea of what the final dress will be like. I finished the collar this morning, but I was too lazy to sew it to the dress and make the finishing touches...

Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to wear it :) It will look so cute paired with a mustard cardigan and brown tights! I can picture my BF telling me how adorable my dress is and me responding ''Thanks baby, I made it out of thrifted bed sheets!''. He's still puzzled every time I wear my doily collar...


  1. Thar dress looks gorgeous! cant wait to see it in an outfit! Deffo gonna try find some bedsheets to make a dress out of now :) xx

  2. Ooo...that is such a pretty fabric!
    Thrifting is great!

    I look forward to seeing pictures of the completed dress! =)
    It looks lovely!

  3. Can't wait to see the new outfit entry of that dress. It looks great! My girlfriend always sews stuff by hand. I don't get it, I can not stand sewing by hand. I just don't have the patience I suppose. :P

  4. Oh mon dieu elle est tellement belle ! je suis définitivement jalouse !


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