March 14, 2012

Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo...

Francesco Lo Iacono is a very talented illustrator from Italia and the owner of INVERTED COMMAS, an online shop that sells awesome printed totes. A while ago, I entered a giveaway to win IC's popular Giraffe Boy & Elephant Girl tote, which I had been coveting for quite a long time. It was my lucky week: after winning a giveaway from Sea Of Daisies, I also won the INVERTED COMMAS tote! I got the prize in the mail last week and I was super excited. This tote is very sturdy, which is great for carrying books to class, and I can't get enough of the quirky characters printed on it...

I'm super awkward at posing with purses and bags, so I'll show you the rest of the outfit sans tote... I am *subtly* wearing a zoo: an elephant, a giraffe, four deer... and my dress looks like there are hooves prints all over it. Speaking of the dress, it was the very last one in the sales rack at The Bay. I tend to gravitate towards yellow clothes and the dress really caught my eye. It's a size XS, so it's really tight... I have a small bust and a very narrow rib cage, so I can sometimes get away wearing the tiniest sizes. If I get tired of being squeezed into this dress, I can always cut off the top and keep the skirt. Or maybe I create a little breathing room by adding extra fabric on the sides... I tell you, I'm going to become a sewing master :)

Dress: Material Girl (5 $) // Cardigan: Dex (10 $) // Tights: Simons (6 $)
Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10 $) // Tote: courtesy of INVERTED COMMAS

Simon & Garfunkel - At The Zoo


  1. Haha i love that you based an outfit on a zoo! It looks great! Really jelly of that tote though haha!

  2. The dress is so adorable <3 and I love the mix of colors with the tights <3 the tote is really cool you're so lucky! You look great :)

  3. I love that tote bag! It looks so cute with your outfit!

  4. Such a pretty dress and I adore that cardigan. It's so cute!



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