March 24, 2012

Window Shopping: it's shoe-palooza!

1. Office Whipstaff // 2. See by Chloe // 3. ASOS // 4. Modcloth
5. Dollhouse // 6. Call It Spring // 7. Matiko // 8. Melissa
9. Modcloth // 10. ASOS // 11. River Island // 12. Lipsy

Polyvore shopping sprees are so much more economic than real-life ones! I can put very expensive items into my digital shopping cart (read: my blank canvas) and not even feel guilty for picking them. Here's a little collection of shoes that caught my eye. As you can see, I really want to add a cool pair of wedges or platforms to my spring/summer wardrobe! My absolute favourite picks are #6, #8 and #10. I might get #6 - I tried them on at Spring the other day and they're very easy to walk with. Plus, they're not too expensive (40 $) and I suspect they might get marked down in a near future... They're also available in black, so now I must decide which colour I'll choose. Pink is more eye-catching and original, but black is wayyy more versatile! I am trying to brainstorm outfit ideas with both options to decide which colour would fit better into my wardrobe... Hmm. To be continued!


  1. These shoes are sooo cute, I especially love number 7! The pastel colors are really pretty :)

  2. I love all the platforms and wedges, my favorites are 5 and 7 for color blocks and 9 and 10 just because <3

  3. Amazing selection dear!
    Your blog is gorgeous! Following! I Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  4. Oh, such beautiful shoes! I love the Melissa ones.



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