April 3, 2012

August Mademoiselle

If you're a style blogger, you probably know the great joys of being watched by passerby as you try to snap you daily outfit pictures... I had a lot of company today, since I took these photos while nearly all my neighbours were outside. Some were washing their car, some were playing basketball... Being watched felt totally awkward, but I really wanted to capture a picture of this outfit. Thankfully, no questions were asked ;)

Here's the super girly outfit I wore today. White tights are my newest obsession! They go with all my sundresses and they're an easy alternative for days when my colourful pairs are still in the dirty laundry bin (oh, laziness)... Plus, they're not as pricey as patterned/fancy/bright pairs. It's fun to have a whole collection of rainbow tights, but neutral ones are also good to have on hand.

Just a random thought: my hair was so big today! It felt so soft and I kept fluffing it. It was just like it was thanking me for applying conditioner this morning. Haha!

Dress: Young In via Winners (10 $) // Cardigan: thrifted (5 $) // Tights: H&M (6 $)
Belt: vintage (3 $) // Mocs: G21 (15 $)

Children of the Mushroom - August Mademoiselle

I can't get enough of obscure 60's psychedelic rock! This one is from 1968...


  1. I think this is one of the most lovely/girly outfits you've worn and I totally love it, I'd never wear something like that but is so you and you look perfect with it <3 the print of the dress is gorgeous and the white tights give it an Alice kind of something to the outfits I've always loved <3


  2. Oh this is so darling! Your dress is just so lovely-I am in love with the colors.


  3. such a nice outfit! the sweater goes so well, which to me seems like that thing is herd to match with things. And the floral is great! So are you still self timing these shots?

    1. ohgosh never mind, Just went back and read a few posts. :P is the remote easy to use? they confuse me but seem like they work rather well and would probably be a good investment.

    2. The remote is very easy to use and it's super useful for outdoor shots. I still use my good old self-timer when I take outfit pics in my room, though :P It's easier to focus on the wall than on an imaginary object outside haha

  4. :) very cool you featured Children of the Mushroom! We were all so very young when we recorded our 45....


    Dennis - drummer


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