April 28, 2012

Fantastic Four: fun stuff that happened today

1. I woke up early for work and saw those duckies swimming in my pool! It instantly put a huge smile on my face :-)

2. I gave myself a CMYK manicure. So fun!

3. I dyed my sister's hair red and now I miss my own red hair. The colour looks so pretty on Ariane! We did a quick photoshoot outside... She kinda looks like Amy Adams, don't you think? She recently started a blog with a friend, check it out :-)

4. I almost done with my illustration project. I messed up the first version by dropping ink on it! I had to redo everything. The new version looks better, anyway. Better contrast and cleaner lines.


  1. Your sister is so pretty! that color is gorgeous, loved your CMYK manicure and your illustration is so great! :)


  2. Great look for your sister.mI lke the nails too.

  3. ta soeur et toi avez la même tête ! :) ses cheveux sont super beaux.
    et ton illu, est vraiment adorable !

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  5. wow! that look good on your sister! between your blog and am following right now! : D

    I loved your illustration, the lines super cool! ;)



  6. Rosalie5/12/2012

    Non non non j'ai vu la photo de ta soeur dans ma tete ça a fait: Jane!

    ps: je fini le 14 mai, si tu as le gout d'un petit rendez vous photo! Je dois apprendre a bien me servir de ma caméra, car je suis encore très rudimentaire et je veux l'apporter en voyage!


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