April 13, 2012

Flowers on the wall

Today, I did one of my favourite activities: skipping school to work on school projects. I'm not a good role model when it comes to attending school. I've always been bored with it. I skipped so many days during my senior year of high school and spent all those "mommy I'm sick" days playing around in Photoshop (shhhh!). Geek alert! I'm a fast learner and I love to acquire knowledge, but it's difficult for me to just sit and listen to a professor. Thankfully, there's just one more year to go before graduation. I hope it goes fast :)

So... back to the outfit! I was home alone all day, but I felt like dressing up anyway. I picked flashy pants, flashy shoes, a flashy collar... but the modest grey sweater really ties the look together and makes it more casual. It was the perfect mix of comfy and stylish (my personal style mantra!)

Sweater: Isaac Mizrahi via Value Village (3 $) // Blouse: Vero Moda (30 $) // Pants: H&M (15 $)
Shoes: Aldo (50 $) // Earrings: thrifted (2 $)

Here's what I'm currently working on. It's an iPad newsletter for the "new" Fiat 500 Cabriolet. It's a fictive project for my Design & Production class. It's due for Monday and  I'm so uninspired.  Two weeks ago, I made this version (still in progress) :

... but today I felt like undoing it all and going for a more "classy meets eco-friendly" approach. I'm not sure which version I'll pick, so for now I keep working on both. Here's my first draft of the new concept's intro visual :

Which approach do you prefer? I think the second one has more potential... It's less aggressive!

Nancy Sinatra - Flowers On The Wall


  1. I totally love the second one! <3 I'm a little bit like you, just can't sit and listed I rather learn by practicing and online tutorials. Love your floral pants and that collar is so cute <3 it all looks great :)


  2. I really love the collar and the pants have such a amazing print!:D I am a sucker for floral prints :D

  3. I love those shoes and your trousers are amazing!



  4. Le deuxième! :) C'est super joli, je trouve qu'il capte plus l'attention.

  5. I love the outfit! Especially the pants. There's something that I really like about the first version of your project.

  6. Darling! I love that outfit. I would love to get my hands on those pants :) I really like the second concept for the newsletter. With the the content very light and fresh it would be easy to read and experience. xoxo!

  7. Those flower pants lookd so awsom that i did go to H&M just to get the same pants! Love your style! <3 Haidi From Finland, sorry my english writing is sooo bad :D

  8. J'adore cet ensemble!! La chemise et les pantalons son troop beau:)


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