April 14, 2012

Legwear crush + a long-ish review

Today, I went for a soft, candy-coloured look. Think Sweet Tarts! I built this outfit around the baby-blue tights. OH, THESE TIGHTS! They're the most adorable/quirky/unique piece of clothing I've ever owned. They're covered in narwhals, ships, anchors, octopuses and all kinds of awesome sea stuff. In a word: I'm obsessed. Really obsessed. This totally rad design was created by Teja Jamila, an indie designer from the UK who screen prints her own vintage-inspired designs on tights and purses. Scroll down to read my own personal review of her shop and products.

Dress: H&M // Cardigan: thrifted (3 $) // Belt: thrifted
Tights: Teja Jamilla (23,50 $) // Shoes: thrifted (10 $)

Pssst! Just in case... This is not a sponsored review. I paid full-price for the tights and I'm just writing honest feedback. All opinions are my own!

TEJA JAMILLA TIGHTS REVIEW: I hesitated a little before buying these sea-inspired tights. I'm always paranoid when buying stuff online, so I was a bit worried about the quality of the the fabric. Last time I bought a fancy pair of tights online (not from Teja), I was pretty disappointed at the poor quality of the material. Since Teja's shop had very positive reviews, I bit the bullet and ordered a pair despite my usual concerns. The shipping was super-fast: less than a week after placing my order, the tights were already in my mailbox. They came in a little pink and golden package, which was wrapped in strong transparent tape (very secure!). When I put on my new tights, I was really impressed by their high quality. The fabric is on the thicker side, which makes the tights very opaque and resistant. The print is very detailed and just plain amazing! With proper care (hand-wash inside out in cold water), I have zero worries about the design chipping off. I ordered a Small pair and it fits very well, but if you're taller than 5'5", I recommend getting Medium instead so you don't stretch the print too much. That's just a little piece of advice! I really can't find anything negative about my shopping experience... Customer service was impeccable! As soon as my ordered was confirmed, Teja sent me a message telling me she would ship the tights in the morning. She really cares about her business and I'll surely treat myself to another pair of Teja Jamilla tights in the future! It's like wearing a piece of art on your legs! :3

The Bristols - Little Baby


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This outfit is adorable beyond belief. Your tights are so amazing. The print is really cute and quirky...love the vintage touch it gives to your look. Also, your dress is adorable. Can't believe you go it at H&M. It's super cute and I'm in love with the color.

  2. Those tights are incredible! I love them!



  3. Holy Moley! Your tights are seriously the CUTEST EVER!!! The color, the print, ahhh I'm obsessed. i want a pair!

    You are so cute in these photos, btw.


  4. Thanks so much for the sweet review, I really appreciate the feedback :) Eveything about this outfit is perfect too, I adore those shoes and your dress! Thank you!

    Teja x

  5. Où avez-vous trouvé ces collants? Ils sont en effet magnifiques :-)

    1. Merci! Je les ai dénichés sur une boutique Etsy. Il y a plusieurs modèles d'inspiration vintage! http://www.etsy.com/shop/TejaJamilla :-)

  6. those tights are so cute =) goes perfect with those shoes!

  7. I love, love, love those tights! Totally favorited her shop and added the tights to my pinterest :)

  8. These tights are so amazing!


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