April 26, 2012

my body's a zombie for you

Today, I felt like wearing something chic (and using my remote to take self-portraits)! After dressing in rainbow colours for the last two weeks or so, it was time to wear a black and white outfit. To keep it from looking plain, I built this pinup-inspired look around clashing textures. I picked my classic Peter Pan collar tee and layered a lacy one on top. It was like getting a sweet new blouse for free! I paired the tee(s) with my high waist disco shorts, which I hadn't worn in a very long time (I missed those!).

This combo has a very awesome glitzy-glam-meets-retro-gamine vibe and it was fun to wear! It's super simple, but totally stylish. With such shiny shorts, you don't even need accessories to complete the look! Such a time saver...

Peter Pan collar tee: H&M (20 $) / Lace tee: UK2LA (5 $)
Shorts: French Connexion (mega sale, 30 $) / Tights: Dollarama / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy (10 $)

Now, I'm showing you a grand premiere: I teased my hair to make a teeny-tiny pouf. Teased hair scares the hell out of me! I may or may not have this uncontrollable fear of morphing into a Snooki lookalike... And I must say that the first and last time I (reticently) teased my hair, it was for a play and it looked like that. Ugh!

The teased crown hairstyle looked very pretty today, though. I think I'll make peace with the comb and wear my hair like this more often! I even got a few compliments and I was all "Oh, stop it you!". Hehe. Yay for good hair days! What's your favourite way to wear your hair?

Here's a random snob/melancholic portrait in front of branches and moss. Very deep, I know! I can't help it, I just really like how my hair looks on the picture :)

Dead Man's Bones - My Body's a Zombie for You

Ryan Gosling, the man of all talents.


  1. I love the peter pan collar top! So cute! You have a really cute blog here. Let me know if you want to follow each other :)


  2. Your shorts are so fun! Love the pictures! =]


  3. J'adore ta dernière photo, est super belle ! :)

  4. Very deep pictures indeed ;) I love the shorts!
    Your hair are great like that, I should try this too ( a blond Snookilike is even more scary haha!)
    I'm having a "sock bun" period right now (with a french braid on top of my head), I even wore it for a master interview today.

    1. Sock buns look so pretty! I tried to make one the other day, but the sock just kept falling... I need more practice! ;)

  5. Your hair looks really pretty like that :) And those shorts are just awesome! I really want some now :) x

  6. You look so, so pretty! Your outfit is beautiful and your hair is stunning!



  7. Super cool ton short. J'adore ton trait d'eye liner retro ...


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