April 9, 2012

Over the long weekend

Instagram is finally available for Android and I quickly got addicted to it (username: thesunwashigh). Here are a few snippits of this long weekend of four days!
1. Carrying this awesome pastel satchel everywhere
2. Wearing handmade Phentex slippers (so comfy!)
3. A road trip to Montreal! Gab's unreliable 1998 Honda Civic survived the trip, which is pretty impressive.
4. Eating an epic hamburger at Fameux, Montreal (bacon, onion rings, mozzarella, cheese curds). Om nom nom. I nearly had a heart attack after finishing it.
5. Attending the long-awaited second edition of Montreal Meets. It was AWESOME! You can expect a loooong post about what I learned from this event/conference/meetup. François Hoang (of Aoiro Studio) picked the absolute best lineup of designers and did such a great job organizing this huge event. I really hope there will be another edition!
6. Gab watching a hockey game on TV at Thai Express. We went out for a late meal and ordered huge plates, but we felt full after two bites. We asked for takeout boxes and we handed them to homeless people. Offering a meal to a homeless or disadvantaged person is not the most selfless act, but it sure brings a bit of friendly warmth to this person. Do good, feel good.


  1. I was getting addicted too but I don't have internet at work </3 I saw most of those already and love the satchel! we'll keep in touch through instagram too :)


  2. That bag is really lovely! I'm on the lookout for a similar one.



  3. That satchel is awesome! Where did you get it?? I just got on Instagram too. I'm following you, now!!

    xx Adrian

    1. It's a Hibou satchel from Little Burgundy :)
      Here: http://www.littleburgundyshoes.com/ca-eng/accessories/handbags/messengers/88499028-gizzi/58
      I'm a bit surprised that they increased its price... It was a little less expensive when I bought mine.


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