April 5, 2012

Peas & Carrots

I have a new dress! I bought it on sale for 5 $ at Stitches Méga Entrepôt. I loooove the little collar and the sheer bodice. The dress is a bit too wide at the bust and waist, so I tied a ribbon around the waist to cinch it. I paired it with pickle-green tights for a 70's vibe and added the white shoes and cardigan to tone down the Halloween feel of the black and orange duo.

My hair was styled in a bun, but it was very (very, very!) windy outside and I decided to let it flow freely while taking my outfit pictures. Silly me! I thought it would look very pretty, all this wind-goddess-hair-flying-around thing, but it just kept getting in my face and ended up looking a little messier than I expected... Haha! Why isn't real life like a Pantene Pro-V television ad? Perfect glossy locks 24/7, no matter what... wow! I'd love that!

Dress: UK 2 LA (5 $) // Cardigan: thrifted (5 $)
Tights: Simons (3 $) // Shoes: thrifted (10 $)

Here's the pretty, polished bun (and the collar!):

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - If You Want This Love (1966)


  1. The Québec city wind is definitely a style challenge! Short skirts and hair buns beware!

    This dress is way cute, your such a fabulous bargin shopper :)

    Joyeuse Pâques dear,

    Virginie xo

  2. that dress is lovely! the colour is beautiful and you got it for such a good price!! x

  3. I love your hair in a bun. And pah I bet those Pantene models have hair made out of cardboard! :) xx

  4. Super cute. Love the white loafers, what an interesting spin on a classic staple.

  5. Okay so I seriously love your blog OH SO VERY MUCH! :) I'm so happy I found it!

  6. the portrait shot you took is fantastic. Your photos are always such top quality, it makes your blog so appealing. I've also been digging the new backgrounds, although i've been missing that magical gradient wall of yours. :P

  7. That dress is really pretty! I love the orange shade on you.




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