April 19, 2012

Project: Fiat newsletter for iPad

Date: April 2012
Client: Fiat
Type of project: fictive / college project
Class: Design & Production 2

Last week, my newsletter was almost done, but a better concept suddenly popped up in my mind! This new idea felt way better to me, so I decided to remake the whole thing at the very last minute. It was stressful, but completely worth it. This is the final project I gave to my professor.

Intro visual

I went for a clean, sleek look. I wanted the car to look nice and light, like it's floating on a surface! The blue/silver/green palette feels modern and classy, but eco-friendly as well.

First page

 I went for a clean, sleek look. I wanted the car to look nice and light.

Second page
The eco:Drive video had rounded corners like the photo on the first page, I don't really know why they're gone... Must be some exportation bug. I just noticed it, I might lose some points for coherence and continuity because of this. Eh. Always double-check your stuff, folks!
Text preview

I made little icons to match the newsletter's sections. It's a fun detail and it add subtle pops of colour! The blue text is for clickable external links.


  1. I really like this version! It's nice and different to see the "eco friendly" part represented like that.

  2. It look so good (:
    I like it when you post things like these, it's making me all excited to start studying multimedia design in college!


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