April 25, 2012


This really looks like a "first day of elementary school" outfit. Primary colours, white tights, red cardigan... I think red is the ultimate back-to-school colour! When I was a little one, my mom used to dress me almost exclusively in red and navy-blue clothes. I assume that's where the "red plus navy equals school" connection came from! I'll do a compilation of my best (and worst!) childhood outfits someday. I wore some pretty ridiculous stuff in the 1990's... like a fluorescent orange full-body jumpsuit. Oh gosh, I must find a picture of that! Do you remember some outfits you wore as a child?

Dress: Fun & Flirt via Winners / Cardigan: Pure Alfred Sung via Zellers
Tights: H&M / Shoes: Deena & Ozzy via Urban Outfitters / Brooch + belt: thrifted via Value Village

Speaking of childhood... Look what I found in my wardrobe! It's a kid-size guitar! It used to be my brother's. I've always wanted to play the guitar, but I was too poor to take lessons and too lazy to learn by myself. The only thing I can play on it is the intro of Sonic Youth's cover of The Carpenter's Superstar. I think I'll try to learn how to play at least a tune this summer (on a kiddie instrument) !

Sonic Youth - Superstar

One of my favorite covers of all time.


  1. Maybe it's because I teach, but this is really cute!

    Actually, the navy+red thing feels like childhood to me too. My dad loved to stick me into plaid dresses and/or sailor suit like dresses often with little matching hats...

  2. I really like your spotty dress! Regarding the childhood outfits, well mine were horrific! My mum would put me and my sister in matching outfits. I think the best one was woolen yellow pants with a plaid shirt. Oh dear!

    http://safiya-marie.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  3. hello!

    I found your blog and much identify with!
    that emotion!
    I'm tmabien designer and I love fashion and music!
    I hope we can share some music and ideas!

    :) I love your blog and your outfits!


  4. Ooooooo I really like the cardigan with the little bike. My school uniform was red and navy, must be the school thing!


  5. This is so adorable! I keep meaning to dig out my childhood photos too. I reckon I could get some pretty awesome inspiration from them.



  6. The cardigan with the little bike is so cute!


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