April 12, 2012


Hey! It's been quite a long time since my last outfit post! I went to Montreal, attended every single speech at MMTWO, came back to Quebec, worked at the restaurant on Monday, rushed through a ton of undone homework, attended Place Ste-Foy's fashion trends show at the very last minute... This super busy lifestyle is completely strange to me. I'm an old cat lady at heart, so most of my evenings involve wool socks, Mickey Mouse pyjamas, working on fugly stuff for school, browsing for new music or watching Myth Busters with my boyfriend. Being an introvert, I enjoy spending time alone doing my own thing, but it felt good to be surrounded by so many people at MMTWO and at Place Ste-Foy's fashion trends show. I'm a shy and pretty awkward person, but I like meeting new people. I should go out more often! Occasionally attending fun events would help me gain more social skills! Ha!

So here's what I wore to the fashion show. I thrifted the blouse and brooch earlier this week, so I was very impatient to wear both items! The blouse has shoulder pads inside and is from the late 80's or the early 90's (it's labelled "Yves St.Clair Petites"). It's in excellent vintage condition (zero signs of discoloration, no rips, no stains!) and looks surprisingly modern (right on trend, according to fashionable older ladies I met). I saw tops and dresses in a similar pattern and colour at The Bay, but they were out of my modest price range. I'm glad I did not splurge on those ;)

Blouse: vintage/thrifted (3 $) // Skirt: Everly @ Simons (30 $) // Tights: H&M (6 $)
Bike brooch: thrifted (1 $) // Belt: thrifted // Shoes: Deena & Ozzy @ Urban Outfitters (10 $)

Andrew VanWyngarden & Ethan Leinwand - Supervolcano

Yup, that Andrew!


  1. Ooh I love everything about this look. That skirt and those shoes especially. So beautiful!



  2. Oh my goodness! That bicycle broach is adorable!! I can't believe it was only $1! Great find, lady! ;)

    xx Adrian

  3. Super cute. I love the simpleness of the look but with the ever present vintage touch. Lovely. I shall have to recreate a look similar to this sometime soon!

  4. The colors give this outfit such personality!

  5. Your outfit is so delicious! I just discovered your blog and i'm already a big fan!



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