May 24, 2012

Bang Bang

It was so hot today! At least 30°C outside! Gab and I spent the afternoon in town, enjoying the sun and pigging on gelato. We both got bowls with three different flavours. I picked pistachio, hazelnut and mascarpone cheese, while Gab felt more traditional and chose vanilla, chocolate chips and caramel. My bowl was the best! The flavours were perfect together. Ahhh now I'm craving some more! I think I'll take a bike ride to the grocery store tonight to see if they sell some gelato...

Today I wore a lightweight peter pan collar blouse and high waist denim shorts, which were very comfy and weather-appropriate. I also wore my favourite cat's eye sunglasses. I felt like a 50's pinup :) A man in jeans and a parka randomly stopped us on the street to tell me that my shorts were too short! He told the same thing to every lady who passed in front of him. Ugh. I guess he was the only one not feeling the heat wave. I'm not going to walk around in a conservative pantsuit when it's hot and humid...

Sunnies: Simons (10 $) / Earrings: vintage via Value Village / Blouse: H&M (10 $)
Shorts: H&M (30 $) / Sandals: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters (10 $)

Janis Martin - Bang Bang


  1. Aww I want gelato now ): pistachio is my favorite flavor, I think you look classic and elegant even though you're wearing jean shorts, the peter pan collar and the cat's eye sunglasses contribute to that look :) loved it

  2. Your shorts are not too short at all! They look lovely, especially with that peter pan collared shirt :) so cute!

  3. I have this shirt too! and I wore it today! haha!

    1. Haha! It's the best summer shirt, isn't it? :)

  4. Anonymous8/09/2014

    This outfit is perfect!
    Shame on that man! I wish i could find some pretty shorts like those!


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