May 1, 2012

because we're dead

I recently wandered into the new Vero Moda store at Place Laurier. I love, love, love this brand, but most of their dresses are 55-70 $, which is way over my personal limit of thirty dollars. However, it was my lucky day: the prettiest retro dresses were on sale for 20 $, plus there was a "buy one, get one 50% off" promo. I got two dresses for a total of 30 $. Squee! 

Today was the first time I wore the swingy blue one. The cut is very flattering and unlike most fifties-inspired dresses, the fabric provides stretch. Plus, the hand-drawn psychedelic print is to die for. It was chilly outside, so I paired my dress with burgundy tights. On the photos, I'm wearing my newly thrifted heels (height = 9,5 cm !!!), but I really wore bronze-coloured penny loafers. I had a driving lesson and such high heels were not appropriate to drive a car. 

I really enjoy driving. Actually, I find it kind of relaxing. You're so busy trying to remember everything you learned and not hitting all the other cars that you stop thinking about school assignments and life problems for a while. It feels good! I can't wait to have my very first car and to go for long drives alone. I've been eyeing used green Volkswagen New Beetles for a while, but I don't think I'll actually get one. I've been told that a 12 years old Beetle is not a very good investment, since German car parts are expensive and hard to find. This is very unfortunate, since I've been dreaming of driving a Beetle ever since I was little. My dad's friend had a bright red one and I had a huge crush on his car! If you could pick just one car and drive it for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Dress: Vero Moda (15 $) / Belt: hand-me-down (free) / Tights: Simons (6 $)
Shoes: thrifted (7 $) / Purse: thrifted (5 $) / Earrings: thrifted (1 $)

Slow Club - Because We're Dead (2009)

Because I borrowed a book that I saw was planted deep inside your bag.
It gave me an excuse to see you again, but I’m not a thief, I’ll give it back.


  1. Such a cool print on the dress. Absolutely perfect pairing with those colored tights and the shoes go so well! Really liking this outfit Noemie. :)

    Sorry about the car, old beetles are so cooool. I also enjoy the new ones. Have you seen them? They kinda have a Porsche-ish look to them I think.
    Idk what I would pick, that's a really good question. Something I'll definitely be thinking about. I've always wanted an old Honda Accord for some reason though.

  2. The dress is so pretty, that print and cut is perfect and it looks great with burgundy tights! too bad about your dream car but you'll get a car and that's still pretty cool, I don't even know to drive and I'm almost 21 shame on me

  3. Wowza, what a great deal! I think I'll have to discover the Place Laurier Vero Moda...

    I used to dream of driving around a little Beetle too but thank god for our Dads giving us practical advice. My first car was a hatch back Tercel. All old cars are cute in their own way :)

    Virginie xo

  4. Très belles chaussures avec les collants elles donnent tres bien. Vu le prix c'est un super achat !

  5. Glad I found your blog because I love your style!!! Now follwing!!

  6. Anonymous7/27/2012

    I have been obsessed with this dress since I first found your blog, and was looking through your entries-good choice, and lucky you! I recently found the dress myself, and i'm thinking it could be a lovely addition to my wardrobe since my birthday just passed.
    also, finding this brand in general was perfect-thank you.

    1. Lucky you! :) it's the prettiest, isn't it? I discovered this brand back in December and I really love their collections. The vintage-inspired dresses are my favourite! They're a bit expensive, but I always manage to find some cute ones on sale at The Bay.


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