May 31, 2012

Chiquita Madame

I went overboard with conditioner today, which made my hair so unruly that it wouldn't hold a curl. Duh. I think I'll just get a Vidal Sassoon-esque Mary Quant bowl cut and straighten the hell out of it. This one and that one look pretty neat, too! I've been so bored with my hair lately that I just don't know what to do with it anymore. I cut off 8 inches, which provided two weeks of "fuck yeah new hair" excitement, but I'm already sick of it. Perhaps I'll go back to red. Like Florence Welch. I have naturally reddish hair, but the last time I traded black for red, I had some kind of post-makeover shock and immediately tried to cover it with dark brown dye. Ha! Oh, hair, what should I do with you?

This is a dress that I got during my weekend trip to Montreal. Carolane (of Ton Petit Look) made me visit the best vintage stores! Most were crazy-expensive, but there was a sweet little one on St-Viateur Street and its products were more affordable. When I saw this dress on the rack, I went crazy for the bright yellow stripes and ginormous pockets. I usually have bad luck with vintage dresses... I have a tiny rib cage and a mini chest, and older dresses always turn out to be cut too large in the torso area. I end up looking swallowed in fabric! I guess I found this dress during a very lucky day, since it fits me perfectly. I considered shortening the hem, but looking at these pictures, I think it looks great as is.

I tried to date the dress, but the tag says "NALI" and I couldn't find this brand in trademark registries... If anyone has a clue about this brand, your help would me much appreciated. Here's a picture of the tag. I'm not an expert at dating vintage clothing, but so far I haven't had much difficulty doing so... However, this is one tricky dress!

Dress: vintage via some vintage store in Montreal
Earrings: vintage / Wedges: Stitches Méga Entrepôt

 Joséphine Baker - Chiquita Madame


  1. The dress is so retro chic. So lovely! Your blog is charming, I just started following. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. I love your dress its so pretty ! :) I love your blog so I was wondering if you should check out mines.

  3. Magnifique ta robe! Et merci de m'avoir fait réécouter ce morceau de Joséphine Baker ♥
    A bientôt


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